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Thanks to the Click & Go option, you can install websites and applications such as PrestaShop, Wordpress and much more in our panel with one click. You don't have to know it, just click the mouse a few times and the site is ready, the number of available applications is huge! Below is a quick guide to installing a website based on Wordpress.


1. Log in to Omnicore.pl and expand the menu on the right:

2. In the "Your hosting" section, select the Directadmin panel assigned to your server:

3. Log in to the Directadmin panel (remember that the login for each service is provided on this page):

4. In the additional functions section, select the "Click & Go" option:

5. Click the "Maximize" button (it will be more convenient :)), and go to the "Application Catalog" section:

6. From the catalog, select the "Wordpress" or other application that interests you:

7. After selecting the application, use the "Install this application" button:

8. In the form, select your domain (without www), enter the administrator login and password for your new page and finally press "Install":

9. The application will install. Your site is now available at the address indicated on the site!