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HRD is responsible for the process of issuing AuthInfo codes for domains on behalf of which Omnicore registers domains.


HRD issues Authinfo codes on the basis of a correctly completed original "Application for Authinfo Code" form, sent by the Subscriber by post to the address of the HRD headquarters. The "Application for Authinfo Code Application Form" is available on the website below.
A correctly completed form must:
1. Contain correct Subscriber's data;
2. To be personally signed by the Subscriber or a person (s) authorized to represent him;
3. in the case of a power of attorney - include a properly certified and signed copy of the power of attorney;
4. include an attachment in the form of document (s) confirming the Subscriber's status, the list of which is on the "Application for Authinfo Code";
5. contain the unique number of the Partner serving the Subscriber.

HRD issues the Authinfo code in electronic form to the authorized email address of the Subscriber within 7 business days of receiving the correctly completed form, in the order of applications received. HRD reserves the right to use deadlines longer than those given in the sentence above, especially in cases of a significant increase in the number of applications received or the need to confirm the correctness of the data contained in the form and attachments.

HRD reserves the direct indication of procedures and issuing to the Subscriber the "Application for Authinfo codes".

Download the AuthInfo code application here.

Important information:
1. The following should be entered as the CSP number in the application: 4767
2. As the CSA number in the application, enter your domain account number, which is visible after logging in to the website: Your Domains
3. The application together with the attachments indicated in the application should be sent to the following address: Consulting Service Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw, ul. J.Iwanowa – Szajnowicza 7 lok. U3, 02-796 Warsaw.