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Check domain availability

.pl 19zł

.eu 14zł

.org.pl 18zł

.biz.pl 18zł

.com.pl 18zł


Domain transfer is the transfer of domain service from the current registrar to the company Omnicore.pl. Domain transfer is a free service. In the case of Polish and global domain transfers, the paid domain validity period does not change.

1. Obtain the Authinfo code from your current domain registrar.

2. Log in to Omnicore.pl and expand the menu:

3. In the "Domains" section, select the "Add an external domain" option:

3. Enter the Authinfo code obtained from your current service provider and domain name:

4. If the provided data are correct, you will be redirected to the list of domains, on which your domain will be visible in the "During activation" status. You will also receive an email with a link that you should click to confirm your domain transfer:

5. That's all! Now just wait until after confirming the transfer the domain changes its status in our panel.