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BigBlueButton is an online video conferencing system that allows you to share audio, camera video, video, presentation, whiteboard or your own computer screen in real time.

We provide you BigBlueButton tool for conducting lessons in remote mode for free! We invite all teachers and students to use and share the tool. Just click the button below and create an account. All functions work without any limits. If you have questions or problems, please contact us at info@omnicore.pl.



Video: show yourself to others! Share the camera image, show your desktop, draw on the board or display presentations. It depends on you what you show your listeners.

Audio: be heard! Enjoy high-quality, low-delay audio.

Board: chalk is a thing of the past! Draw, save, erase and draw again - explain graphically what you mean.

Presentation: powerpoint! Share presentations, discuss them slide by slide.

Desktop share: show what you do! Share the view from the application or browser.

Chat: everybody has a voice! Have a discussion with the listeners and have them chat.